Regular Worship


Sunday - Solemn High Mass and Sermon 11.00am

Monday - Low Mass 7:30pm

Tuesday - Low Mass 8:30am

Wednesday - Low Mass 7:30pm

Thursday - Low Mass 10:00am

Friday - Low Mass 10:00am (Holy Days Only)

Saturday - Low Mass 12:00 noon



Saturday - 11:30am




Wednesday - 7:00pm

Saturday - 11:00am


Or at any time by appointment.


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Lent & Holy Week 2016



Wednesday 10th February, Ash Wednesday

10:00 am: Low Mass    7:30 pm: High Mass

Both with imposition of Ashes and Sermon at High Mass


Friday's of Lent 12th February - 18th March

7:00 pm: Stations of the Cross


 Sunday's of Lent 14th February - 13th March

Sunday Mass at the usual time of 11:00

Sermons on Lent and Holy Week Customs as Requested by the Congregation


Holy Week 

Sunday 20th March, Palm Sunday

10:50 am: Procession of Palms and Solemn High Mass of Palm Sunday.

Starting outside the Battersea Arts Centre.


Holy Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 21st - 23rd March

7:00 pm: Holy Rosary    7:30 pm: Low Mass of Holy Week.

Sermons on "What Our Lady Said"


Thursday 24th March, Maundy Thursday

8:00 pm: Solemn High Mass of The Lord’s Supper.

Followed by Gethsemane Watch of The Blessed Sacrament Until Midnight.


Friday 25th March, Good Friday

10:00 am: Stations of the Cross. Read by Children & Followed by Hot Cross Buns.

3:00 pm: The Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion.


Saturday 26th March, Holy Saturday

8:00 pm: Solemn Paschal Vigil and First Mass of Easter.


Sunday 27th April, Easter Sunday

11:00 am: Solemn High Mass of Easter Day. With Easter Eggs for the Children & Followed by Champagne and Smoked Salmon.



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Table Tops 2018

Table top sales take place between February and December each year. These are an opportunity to sell unwanted items or to find a bargin. Refreshments are always availiable. Tables can be hired through Jim Warwick on 020 7223 2175 at £10 a table.

2018 Calendar, with sales taking place 10am until 2pm:

Saturday 7th July (Summer Fair)


Social Events 2018

Social life at the Ascension Lavender Hill is an important part of our community spirit. Every year there is a wide range of activities taking place from days out at the seaside, bowling competitions, trips to cathedrals and excursions on the continent.

All are encouraged at the start of the year to help us draft up a calendar of events.

Anyone is welcome to join us on these fun filled days.

A full list of social events for the second half of 2018 will be available for download here soon.