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The Parish Church of The Ascension of the Lord, Lavender Hill (more commonly referred to as The Ascension, Lavender Hill) is an Anglican church, within the Anglo-Catholic tradition, situated on Lavender Hill in Battersea, South West London.


The Ascension lies within the boundaries of the Diocese of Southwark but has passed resolutions A, B and C under the Act of Synod and is in the pastoral care of the Bishop of Fulham. We support the aims and objectives of Forward in Faith.


Conceived primarily by Fr John Bourdieu Wilkinson SSC and built with the help of many financiers of the same Anglo-Catholic persuasion, work began on The Ascension in the 1870's to a design by the gothic revivalist architect James Brooks. 


Throughout our history the church building has continued to evolve and adapt. The loss of life suffered by parishioners in the First World War was honoured with a permanent memorial on the exterior of the West Wall. The Second World War effort resulted in a loss of most of the iron railings that adorned the boundary walls, taken by the government for the manufacture of munitions. A new roof was completed in the 1980's made necessary as a result of a fire on Good Friday of 1979. Most recently disabled access has been improved with ramps and a ground level disabled toilet and a brand new heating system has been installed making worship in the winter months as pleasant as worship in the summer.  


The church today is well known for its welcoming atmosphere. There are opportunities for Children of all ages with our Sunday club for the younger children and our youth club for the older children. For the adults Sunday Mass is always followed by a cup of tea or coffee, which is a great opportunity to mix with our bubbly congregation. Of course we haven't forgotten the children; there is juice and biscuits for them too!

Mass at the Ascension is just as you would expect for an Anglo-Catholic church. There are three sacred ministers, servers wearing black cassocks and white cottas, incense, bells, acolytes, traditional hymns and the full works! Take a look at some of our pictures to give you a sense of what we are all about.

In keeping with our Catholic tradition at the Ascension there is an emphasis on the seven sacraments including that of confessions. The Blessed Sacrament is perpetually reserved and available for private adoration, devotions to Our Lady such as the Rosary are common practice, relics are available for veneration and we walk the Stations of the Cross throughout Lent.

We are always happy to meet new faces and welcome you into our family.

Short History and Guide Leaflet:


'The Ascension, Lavender Hill - a Short History and Guide'
Our history and guide leaflet, containing mass times, contact details and a brief history of the church. It can be downloaded here

A full history and guide to the Ascension can be found on the Our History page

Parish Staff and Officers


Clergy & Staff


Fr Iain Clavering Young SSC, Parish Priest: Fr Iain was licensed as Priest-in-Charge of the Ascension, Lavender Hill in 2009 and was inducted as vicar of the benefice in March 2102. He studied for the priesthood at The College of the Resurrection, Mirfield. 


Barbara Marcham, Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary: Barbara was commissioned as a SPA in 2005 and is a Lay Chaplain at King’s College Hospital. She formed and runs The Lavender Circle for those with time on their hands as well as the lonely and vulnerable people in the parish.


Ann Warwick, Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary: Ann was commissioned as a SPA in 2017. She long wth Barbara has recently introduced a Grave Talk initiative. Ann's ministry involves building relationships with new parishoners and supporting those who are grieving,   


Officers & Representatives


The Parochial Church Council,  & Deanery Synod


Fr Iain Clavering Young is PCC Chairman (ex officio as Parish Priest)

Dean Warwick is our PCC Vice-Chairperson (ordinary elected PCC member)

Paul Riche is our PCC Secretary (ordinary elected PCC member)

Ann Warwick & Esther Mercer are our Churchwardens. [Ann is also our PCC Treasurer.] (both ex officio PCC as Churchwardens.) All of whom make up the PCC Standing Committee.


David Neil-Smith and Ruthlyn Cansdale are our Deanery Synod Representatives. (both ex officio PCC as Deanery Synod Reps)


Cynthia Buchanan, Gloria Case, Gloria Harper, and Carlene Powell are all ordinary elected members of the Parochial Church Council.


Other Officers


Jim Warwick is our Projects Manager

Gloria Case is our Electoral Roll Officer

Ruth Cansdale and Alexander Banson are our Parish Safeguarding Officers

Dean Warwick and Gloria Harper are our Fire Officers

Dean Warwick is also our Sacristan and Web Developer