Regular Worship Timetable

Mass at the Ascension is just as you would expect for an Anglo-Catholic church. There are three sacred ministers, servers wearing black cassocks and white cottas, incense, bells, acolytes, traditional hymns and the full works! 

In keeping with our Catholic tradition there is an emphasis on the seven sacraments, including that of confessions. The Blessed Sacrament is perpetually reserved and available for private adoration, devotions to Our Lady such as the Rosary are common practice and relics are available for veneration.


NOTE: As a result of the pandemic and with the sad passing of our parish priest Fr Iain Young, for the time being, our regular worship is limited to the weekly Sunday Mass.




Saturday - 11:30am



Sunday - Solemn High Mass and Sermon 11.00am

Monday - Low Mass 7:30pm

Tuesday - Low Mass 8:30am

Wednesday - Low Mass 7:30pm

Thursday - Low Mass 10:00am

Friday - Low Mass 10:00am (Holy Days Only)

Saturday - Low Mass 12:00 noon



Wednesday - 7:00pm

Saturday - 11:00am


Or at any time by appointment.